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Daniel Ellsberg Week Honors Pentagon Whistleblower

I first spent time with Dan Ellsberg at a writer’s retreat in 2016. I was writing The Ghost about counterintelligence chief James Angleton. I asked Ellsberg about him and quickly learned  everything I heard about Ellsberg was true. He is a profound student of U.S. policy and U.S. empire. He combines an encyclopedic yet personal...

Biden at CIA

CIA Thought Putin Would Quickly Conquer Ukraine

U.S. intelligence reports at the time predicted that Kyiv would fall quickly, perhaps in a week or two at the most. The predictions spurred the Biden administration to secretly withdraw some key U.S. intelligence assets from Ukraine, including covert former special operations personnel on contract with the CIA, the current and former officials said. Their account...

Violent extremism

DHS Scrambles to Counter Violent Extremism in America

Federal efforts to counter violent extremism “aim to educate and prevent radicalization before a crime or terrorist act transpires, and differ from counterterrorism efforts such as collecting evidence and making arrests before an event has occurred,” according to the Government Accountability Office, or GAO. In 2017 GAO noted the programs had suffered from a lack of...

Garry Reid

Sex, Lies, and UFOs: Pentagon Counterintelligence Chief Ousted 

  In May 2021, Reid was named in yet another formal IG complaint, this time involving former Director of National Programs Special Management Staff at OUSD(I&S), Luis Elizondo. In his complaint, Elizondo accused Reid of playing a central role in obfuscating information regarding the Pentagon’s intriguing newfound interest in “unidentified aerial phenomena,” more commonly known as...