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Jack Teixeira

Inside the Discord Leak: U.S. Air Force Loves War Gamers Like Teixeira

The Discord leak is embarrassing for the National Insider Threat Task Force, a government-wide program under the Director of National Intelligence tasked with deterring, detecting, and mitigating threats just like this one. As recently as  April 10, National Security Council spokesman John F. Kirby was in the dark on key aspects of the hemorrhage, saying the...


Mexican President Accuses Pentagon of Spying, Vows to Restrict Military Information 

On Monday, Lopez Obrador had described the U.S. intelligence in the leaks as an “abusive, overbearing intrusion that should not be accepted under any circumstance,” adding that he did not plan to rebuke the U.S., but would at some point discuss “conditions for collaborative work.”When presented on Tuesday with new allegations of the use of...


Daniel Ellsberg Week Honors Pentagon Whistleblower

I first spent time with Dan Ellsberg at a writer’s retreat in 2016. I was writing The Ghost about counterintelligence chief James Angleton. I asked Ellsberg about him and quickly learned  everything I heard about Ellsberg was true. He is a profound student of U.S. policy and U.S. empire. He combines an encyclopedic yet personal...


Catch-22 at Guantanamo, or How Due Process Got Undone

In essence the appellate court adopted the government’s contention that the earlier proceedings against al-Hela and the use of classified intelligence to justify his detention did not violate his acknowledged constitutional right to due process. In so doing, the court was parroting the government’s two main arguments that had been used successfully in scores of...