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Gen. Isaac Ben Israel

Admit We Have Nukes, Top Israeli Military Figure Says

With negotiations in Vienna to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal stalled, and Tehran just months away from fielding a nuclear device if it chose to, Maj. Gen. Isaac Ben-Israel, a well-known and highly respected figure in Israeli security circles, wants the government to level with the public and admit that the time has passed...

Iran nuclear deal

Iran Nuclear Negotiations at Stalemate over IRGC Terror Listing 

The talks in Vienna to revive the Iran nuclear deal have reached a stalemate, with neither side appearing to want to budge from the final sticking point regarding the designation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) by the United States. Source: Iran nuclear negotiations at stalemate over IRGC...

Pakistani nukes

With the Taliban Ascendant,  Nuclear Pakistan Is Only Getting Stronger

Today’s posting by the non-profit National Security Archive In Washington DC follows the recent admission by Pakistani President Arif Alvi that the country had already developed a “nuclear deterrent” by 1981, long before the underground nuclear tests of 1998.  Alvi may have exaggerated in claiming that Pakistan had “joined those nations which were …  equipped with...

Skyfall Missle Site Russia

The New Russian Cruise Missile Known as the ‘Flying Chernobyl’

  They call it to call it a “flying Chernobyl. It is a Russian cruise missile, known as Skyfall, that is powered, not by rocket fuel, but by a nuclear reactor. The world is paying attention to this proliferation threat. “Using a nuclear reactor would, in principle, give the cruise missile unlimited range to fly...

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