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DDoSecrets Publishes the Email From Russia’s Ministry of Culture

Distributed Denial of Secrets is a transparency collective with an unusual mission in the age of PeakTwitter: “avoid political, corporate or personal leanings.” They say they don’t do hacking but they have posted the result of a hack a trove of 230,000 emails from Russia’s Ministry of Culture. DDOSecrets lives on the so-called Dark Web,...

Classified Documents

6 Startling Revelations From Declassified U.S. Government Documents 

  From HowStuffWorks “The [public] tolerance for the secrecy of these organizations has become smaller,” Pfeiffer says. “There’s a demand by people to have a greater understanding of what their intelligence agencies actually are up to … And the intelligence agencies are incredibly powerful and outrageously secret. So over time, for the intelligence community to...


Transparency and National Security: What News Editors Need to Tell Their Reporters

Dan Froomkin at PressWatch on journalism after January 6. The most important lesson of the Bush/Cheney years is that we should never assume government officials are telling us the truth, especially when it comes to matters involving war and national security. This is hardly an original lesson, and yet nonetheless it bears repeating. We should...


MuckRock on Transparency and the Transition Away from Trump

MuckRock is a collaborative news site that gives you the tools to hold the government accountable. From our friends at MuckRock. MuckRock wants to help you prepare for the coming administration and the deep reflection we’ll need to give to the current one. Let us know what questions you have. Check out our FOIA 101: Tips and...

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