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Five Eyes Warns Russia May Escalate Cyberwar

 “Russia has significant cyber capabilities and a demonstrated history of using them irresponsibly, and state-sponsored malicious cyber activity is a real risk to organizations around the world,” said Sami Khoury, Head, Canadian Centre for Cyber Security. “By joining alongside our partners in releasing today’s joint advisory, the Communications Security Establishment and its Canadian Centre for...

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Spy Fall: Russian Diplomat Who Died in Berlin Was the Son of Senior FSB Official

This story originates with Der Spiegel, a leading newsweekly in Germany and has been advanced by Bellingcat, the open source investigative platform. Bellingcat has confirmed, using open source data, that the diplomat was the son of the deputy director of FSB’s Second Service and the head of the FSB’s Directorate for Protection of Constitutional Order,...

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Россия: Федеральная Служба Безопасности (ФСБ)

From Top World  Intelligence Agencies Translation In English:  Россия: Федеральная Служба Безопасности (ФСБ)  Краткая справка  ФСБ – самая крупная в Европе служба безопасности. Согласно информационным данным, в службе трудоустроено 66 000 специалистов. Основанная в 1994 году, ФСБ трансформировалась из бывшей советской КГБ. Это российский эквивалент американской ФБР.  Деловые обязанности главы ФСБ состоят в контроле границ, борьбе...

Russia Hackers Wanted

Russian Intelligence Agencies Target the U.S. Vote, Abetted By Trump

[First in a Series: How Top World Intelligence Agencies Assess the US Election] Russian intelligence agencies – encouraged by the absence of any real U.S. pushback – are actively promoting disinformation about the U.S. presidential election, while seeking to hack into election systems, according to former CIA officers with Russian expertise and a wide variety...