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US Troops

Director of National Intelligence Barred From Reporting on Domestic Extremists in U.S. Armed Forces

From Lawfare blog, “Getting to Ground Truth on the Reach of Domestic Violent Extremist Groups Into the Military, Veteran, and Law Enforcement Communities,“ The only House provision that was adopted in the final NDAA was a call to screen social media usage for connections to extremist ties; however, the provision was limited to reporting on...

Violent extremism

DHS Scrambles to Counter Violent Extremism in America

Federal efforts to counter violent extremism “aim to educate and prevent radicalization before a crime or terrorist act transpires, and differ from counterterrorism efforts such as collecting evidence and making arrests before an event has occurred,” according to the Government Accountability Office, or GAO. In 2017 GAO noted the programs had suffered from a lack of...

Cyberwar graphic

Former IDF Commander: Artificial Intelligence Key to Thwarting Attacks

ID In the wake of attacks on Israel civilians by Palestinians unhappy with 60 years of occupation, an Israeli cyberwarrior says AI is the solution. Nadav Zafrir, the former commander of the elite IDF 8200 intelligence unit and currently the founder and managing partner of the cyber company Team8, says Israel’s best response to recent ...

Classified Documents

6 Startling Revelations From Declassified U.S. Government Documents 

  From HowStuffWorks “The [public] tolerance for the secrecy of these organizations has become smaller,” Pfeiffer says. “There’s a demand by people to have a greater understanding of what their intelligence agencies actually are up to … And the intelligence agencies are incredibly powerful and outrageously secret. So over time, for the intelligence community to...

Over the Horizon

Addicted to Drones: The Overhyping of ‘Over the Horizon’

In the wake of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, the Biden Administration has announced the United States has adopted  “Over the Horizon” strategy for intervening against suspected terrorists, “We can’t kill our way to success,” notes former CIA officer Douglas London in Just Security. ” Perhaps the greatest flaw in an “Over the Horizon” strategy,...

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