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Zero-Click Spying: Second Israeli Firm Exploited iPhone Flaw 

The two rival businesses gained the same ability last year to remotely break into iPhones, according to the five sources, meaning that both firms could compromise Apple phones without an owner needing to open a malicious link. That two firms employed the same sophisticated hacking technique – known as a “zero-click” – shows that phones...

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NATO Forces in Europe Are No Match for Revitalized Russian Army

From Scott Ritter, former arms control inspector, writing in RT: Without projecting Russian intent, the reality is that the Russian military buildup in its western and southern military districts, when combined with the deployment of mobile forces in Belarus, represent a military power projection capability that is not only more than capable of defeating Ukraine,...


How U.S. Pentagon Hawks Assess Iran and Its Allies

From the pro-CIA Cipher Brief This network of Iranian proxies in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Bahrain, and possibly elsewhere is what makes Tehran so deadly in the region. It’s a clever method of power projection, honed over decades, because it allows the Iranians to weaken their adversaries and achieve their strategic aims with the fewest...