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Syed Asim Munir

Pakistan’s Deep State: New Army Chief Named Amid Political Drama 

  General Munir is the most senior general in the country’s army, and formerly served as the head of the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate, the intelligence wing known as the I.S.I., and the Directorate-General for Military Intelligence. His tenure at the I.S.I. was cut short in 2019 after he clashed with then Prime Minister Imran Khan....

Afghanistan raid

The Afghan Intelligence Agency Was Raided: Who Got the Files?

The people who seized the files at the National Security Directorate and the Ministry of Communications may not have even been Taliban: The men did not speak Afghan languages, the officials said, and may have been agents of Pakistan’s military intelligence agency working in tandem with Taliban forces. Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency has long supported...

Pakistani nukes

With the Taliban Ascendant,  Nuclear Pakistan Is Only Getting Stronger

Today’s posting by the non-profit National Security Archive In Washington DC follows the recent admission by Pakistani President Arif Alvi that the country had already developed a “nuclear deterrent” by 1981, long before the underground nuclear tests of 1998.  Alvi may have exaggerated in claiming that Pakistan had “joined those nations which were …  equipped with...

Rumsfeld in Afghanistan

From the National Security Archive, the 20-Year War in 20 Documents 

The non-profit National Security Archive at George Washington University is the place to go to understand the debacle of Afghanistan. The Archive provides original sources. not opinion. In Afghanistan 20/20: The 20-Year War in 20 Documents, the Archive enables you to go beyond recycled punditry The documents detail ongoing problems that bedeviled the American war...

BIden Afghanistan

Afghanistan:  A Failure of U.S. Regime Change Policy

  Let the buck passing begin. The military people say Aghanistan was an intelligence failure. The intelligence community says it was a policy failure. They are both right. Above all, it was a failure of U.S. “regime change” policy that arrogates to the United States the “right” to replace adversarial governments. “There is an old...

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