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Cuban Missile Crisis

The Most Dangerous Day in History

Seven hours ahead of Washington, the Kremlin had already received an urgent message (9 a.m., Moscow time) from the Soviet commander in Cuba that a U.S. attack, presaging an invasion, was imminent within 24-72 hours. The Soviet ambassador in Havana, Aleksandr Alekseyev, was closeted with Fidel Castro at the Soviet embassy through the wee hours...

National Security Archive

The National Security Act Turns 75 

from the non-profit National Security Archive Today, on the law’s 75th anniversary, the National Security Archive publishes a compilation of key declassified U.S. documents that show the run-up to its enactment, the debates surrounding the unification of the military departments, and the establishment of three major national security organizations: the National Security Council (NSC) and the...


DDoSecrets Publishes the Email From Russia’s Ministry of Culture

Distributed Denial of Secrets is a transparency collective with an unusual mission in the age of PeakTwitter: “avoid political, corporate or personal leanings.” They say they don’t do hacking but they have posted the result of a hack a trove of 230,000 emails from Russia’s Ministry of Culture. DDOSecrets lives on the so-called Dark Web,...