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Boris and Bibi

British Intelligence Privately Says Israel Has Nuclear Weapons But Won’t Admit it Publicly

British officials have privately regarded Israel as a nuclear-armed power for at least 40 years, while telling the public they cannot make an assessment.Israel has never formally declared it has a nuclear weapons programme, a position UK ministers do not publicly contradict. But behind the scenes in Whitehall, staff in the Foreign Office and Min...


Interview With the Father of a Palestinian Fighter Assassinated by Israeli Special Forces

Amin’s son was also killed along with Yousef Shreim, 29, walking near Abu Wakel Shawerma when undercover Israeli special forces approached the 28-year-old and shot at him from behind. “[The special forces] were so scared that they opened fire at everyone,” Amin recalled the immediate aftermath of the assassination to Mondoweiss, when the special forces...

Iranian Demonstration

Iranians Outraged After Shah-Era Secret-Police Official Attends U.S. Rally

Tens of thousands of Iranian-Americans, including supporters of the exiled former crown prince of Iran, Reza Pahlavi, held rallies in the United States* recently to show their support for the ongoing anti-regime protests in the Islamic republic.Among them was a man who has shunned the limelight for decades: Parviz Sabeti, the former deputy head of...

Iranian drones

Iranian Intelligence Official Says China in Line to Buy Tehran’s Drones  

The senior adviser hailed Iran’s “look to the east” policy, a notion promoted by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, which calls for an expansion of ties with China and Russia as a long-term strategy to fight off “Western hegemony” and mitigate sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic.   The eastward approach, according to the intelligence official, has...


Former Mossad Chief Urges Compromise on Judicial Shakeup

In a letter sent to Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana, the ex-aides, including former Mossad chief and close Netanyahu ally Yossi Cohen, warned the lack of agreement could undermine Israel’s security, as “the national resilience of Israeli society” has enabled the country to tackle external threats. “In recent weeks, the political crisis has developed into a...