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Global Climate

Three Key Findings from the U.S. Intelligence Report on Climate Change 

With the global climate conference due to start on October 31, the U.S. intelligence community has released a report, Climate Change and International Responses Increasing Challenges to US National Security Through 2040. Some of the most important findings: Key Judgment 1: Geopolitical tensions are likely to grow as countries increasingly argue about how to accelerate...


Washington Post Calls for an Investigation of COVID’s Origins

Last August, the Office of Director of National National Intelligence published an unclassified paper on the origins of COVID-19 saying the U.S. intelligence community broadly agreed the virus was not a biological weapons but was more divided on the question of whether the virus was genetically engineered. Given those rather equivocal findings, the editors of...

Nimitz UAP

About That U.S. Intelligence Report on UFOs

This unclassified June 2021 report, issued by the Office of Director of National Intelligence, was requested by the Senate Intelligence Committee. The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force found 143 sitings of phenomena that could not be readily explained. After carefully considering this information, the UAPTF focused on reports that involved UAP largely witnessed firsthand by...

Avril Haines/ODNI

US Intelligence Chief Intervenes to Block Disclosure of State Secrets to Saudi Crown Prince

                          Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence. From CNNPolitics Simply put, in invoking the state secrets privilege, the most senior US intelligence official is trying to prevent the revelation of classified information in legal proceedings triggered not by an adversary, but by one...


Dan Jones: How ODNI Nominee Avril Haines Whitewashed Torture

Spencer Ackerman of Daily Beast calls it “a proxy war.” The nomination of Avril Haines to serve as director of the Office of National Intelligence (ODNI) has set off a power struggle between the center-left and center-right factions of the Democratic policy world. This is a consequential fight, the ODNI overseees–but does not actually run–17...

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