Frank Figliuzzi

Jeff Stein at SpyTalk on the release of two Trumpster terror suspects in Washington DC.

Had their names been Ahmed and Fatima, with family connections in, say, Lebanon, they almost certainly would have been held for further investigation. But their case, like so many others involving armed white pro-Trump extremists over the past four years, has again exposed a gap in current law that prohibits the feds from treating armed domestic extremists like foreign terrorist suspects.

“There is no such law against ‘domestic terrorism,’ former FBI counterintelligence chief Frank Figliuzzi explained for SpyTalk. “It’s quite different than international terrorism. Nor is there any way to officially designate a domestic terrorism group. So the Bureau has to wait for violence to be specifically discussed before they can begin monitoring a group, person, or communications.”

……Now, however, with a growing number of the president’s supporters opening calling for insurrection against the federal government, the scent of impending violence is as thick as the haze from an advancing forest fire”

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