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From Sidney Blumenthal at Just Security, a checklist of measures to protect the vote, or as he puts it, “ the commitments for maintaining a fair and free democratic election that Biden should advance before the election.”

  • No candidate should do anything to prevent votes from being counted, however long that process takes.
  • No candidate should declare himself the victor on election night before the race is called by a consensus of professional news organizations.
  • No candidate should attempt to slow or halt states from proceeding in certifying the results.
  • No candidate should urge anyone to commit any interference with voting, or to engage in any threats, intimidation or acts of violence in connection with the election.
  • No candidate should approve of carrying firearms or other weapons into areas where people are voting, counting votes or certifying votes.
  • No candidate should be charging the other side with acts of voting fraud if local officials have not made such findings with a presentation of evidence.
  • No candidate should be sending campaign officials, teams of lawyers or political operatives across state lines in any effort to slow or halt states from counting ballots.

Source: An Opportunity for Biden to Set the Terms Against Trump’s Plan to Steal the Election

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