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Ukraine Info War

Ukraine Information War:  An Army of Techies Hone Their Skills Battling Russia 

In a valley in the Carpathian mountains of south-west Ukraine, a small group is engaged in battle with Russia—armed not with rockets and missiles, but with software and engineering skills, honed to bolster frontline fighters in the grueling three-month war. Source: Inside the ‘IT unit’: In Ukraine, an army of techies hone their skills in...

Map of Ukraine

Microsoft on the Hybrid War in Ukraine

Russia’s use of cyberattacks appears to be strongly correlated and sometimes directly timed with its kinetic military operations targeting services and institutions crucial for civilians. For example, a Russian actor launched cyberattacks against a major broadcasting company on March 1st, the same day the Russian military announced its intention to destroy Ukrainian “disinformation” targets and...


Five Eyes Warns Russia May Escalate Cyberwar

 “Russia has significant cyber capabilities and a demonstrated history of using them irresponsibly, and state-sponsored malicious cyber activity is a real risk to organizations around the world,” said Sami Khoury, Head, Canadian Centre for Cyber Security. “By joining alongside our partners in releasing today’s joint advisory, the Communications Security Establishment and its Canadian Centre for...


Microsoft Disables Sites of Russian Hacking Group Linked to GRU

Microsoft describes the hacking group Strontium as “a Russian GRU connected actor.” The GRU is Russia’s military intelligence service. Strontium was using this infrastructure to target Ukrainian institutions including media organizations. It was also targeting government institutions and think tanks in the United States and the European Union involved in foreign policy. We believe Strontium...

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