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MSS operation

Five Charged With Running MSS Operation Against Chinese DIssidents in U.S. 

The indictment unsealed Tuesday accuses Wang and four MSS officers of orchestrating a scheme in which Wang, at the directions of MSS, spied on Chinese dissidents and human rights leaders in the United States and abroad. Prosecutors allege that the four Chinese officers sought information on specific individuals and groups that the Chinese government deems...

Operation Raven

With NSA Training, UAE Spies Monitored Rights Activists and Michelle Obama 

From a New York Times story and additional reporting by Al Jazeera: Known as Project Raven, hackers employed state-of-the-art cyber-espionage tools to help the UAE engage in surveillance of other governments, armed groups, and human rights activists critical of the monarchy. Interviews by Reuters news agency in 2019 with former Raven operatives, along with a...

Julian Assange

CIA Contractor Who Targeted Assange Also Spied on Other U.S. Journalists

At the The Grayzone Max Blumenthal calls attention to a well-documented story, based on the investigation of a Spanish court with experience in international prosecutions. A security contractor, linked the CIA, spied on Julian Assange and reporters covering his residence in the Ecuadorian Embassy. The evidence includes videos of Glenn Greenwald, Lowell Bergman, and other...

Citizen Lab

Mexican Cartels Use Israeli Spyware to Target Journalists, Investigators Say

From Citizen Lab, and interdisciplinary investigators from the University of Toronto: On May 15th, 2017, journalist Javier Valdez was shot dead as he left the offices of Riodoce, the newspaper that he founded to investigate cartels and organized crime in Sinaloa, Mexico. His killers pulled him from his car, shot him a dozen times, and stole...

Monica Elfriede Witt

CIA, FBI Traitors Should Be Lured Back With Promise of No Jail Time, Expert Says

Psychologist David Charney has a radical proposal for intelligence agencies trying to cope with turncoat agencies: coddle them. “You have to offer them something that really would make a difference in their lives,” he says of turncoats who come to regret selling secrets to the Russians, Chinese or other adversaries. “And I came up with...

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