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Pegasus spyware

Pegasus Project: What Has Happened Since the Revelations About Israeli Spyware

The biggest cyber surveillance scandal since the Snowden revelations, the conclusions of the investigation published in July 2021 were promptly confirmed by forensic analyses conducted by French and Belgian authorities. Protests erupted in several countries and a number of investigations were opened by various international authorities, including by the European Parliament, which in May 2022...

Saudi leaders

Saudi Intelligence Agency Runs 20 Secret Prisons, Activists Say

From the European-Saudi Organization for Human Rights. The Presidency of State Security runs nearly twenty prisons and detention centers across Saudi Arabia, in addition to major prisons with high-security measures such as Al-Ha’ir Prison, Dammam Investigation Prison, Dhahban Prison, and Al-Tarfiya Prison. Monitoring by the European-Saudi Organization confirmed that detainees were subjected to various types...


Zero-Click Spying: Second Israeli Firm Exploited iPhone Flaw 

The two rival businesses gained the same ability last year to remotely break into iPhones, according to the five sources, meaning that both firms could compromise Apple phones without an owner needing to open a malicious link. That two firms employed the same sophisticated hacking technique – known as a “zero-click” – shows that phones...


How to Protect Yourself From NSO Spyware

The U.S. government has advice for journalists and activists: Watch out for spyware. The National Counterintelligence and Security Center doesn’t mention NSO, the Israeli company whose Pegasus spyware has been implicated in policies of surveillance and repression around the world. But the warning described Pegasus’ powers exactly. Companies and individuals have been selling commercial surveillance...

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