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Was the Assassination in Iran a Mossad Operation to Sabotage the Iranian Nuclear Deal?

  If these assassinations were intended to substantially set back progress in Iran’s nuclear program, they proved largely counter-productive. After each assassination, Tehran’s nuclear program appears to have accelerated and has now reached the point where it will have accumulated enough enriched uranium to manufacture one or two nuclear bombs within as little as two...


Mossad’s Role in Sudan’s Military Coup

From the well-informed Jonathan Broder at the reliable SpyTalk newsletter: Not only was an Israeli delegation in Khartoum only days before the generals seized power, according to reports, but Israeli officials, including from Mossad, were back in the capital only days after the civilian government was toppled. Jerusalem likes these generals.  It was they who...

Burns Bennett

Directors of CIA and Mossad Meet in Israel

So far we have mostly wire service coverage. The situation: The United States is seeking to restart nuclear negotiations with Iran, while Israel seeks to disrupt those talks. Israeli press offers unsubstantiated rumor while Iran reminds the United States it has escalatory powers with a barrage of Hezbollah rockets and Persian Gulf drone attack. Bill...

Qasem Soleiman

Iran Calls For Revenge ‘At The Right Time’ Assassination Of Nuclear Scientist

The Rohani administration seems to prefer to continue with Iranian aand hold back until this small window of pressure closes and the pro-diplomacy administration of Joe Biden assumes power, “says Maysam Behravesh, Iranian analyst linked to the think tank Glingendael Institute. With its pragmatic strategy,Iran did not respond head-on to incidents such as the sabotage...

Joe Biden (Credit - Creative Commons)

How Top World Intelligence Agencies Assess the U.S. Presidential Election

[The Series: Spies on Election 2020: RUSSIA | ISRAEL | SOUTH KOREA] IRAN | How do the world’s spy services understand  America’s presidential election? Friend or foe, all of these intelligence agencies have a big stake in the outcome of the race between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. The DEEP STATES web...

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