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Mossad Assassinations

Israel-Iran Shadow War on Verge of Exploding Into the Open

  Israel informed the Americans that it was behind Khodayee’s killing, the New York Times reported, quoting an anonymous intelligence official who had been briefed on Israel’s communication with the Americans. The intelligence official said the Israelis told the Americans that Col. Khodayee was the deputy commander of the Quds Force’s covert Unit 804, where...

Flag of Iran

Was the Assassination in Iran a Mossad Operation to Sabotage the Iranian Nuclear Deal?

  If these assassinations were intended to substantially set back progress in Iran’s nuclear program, they proved largely counter-productive. After each assassination, Tehran’s nuclear program appears to have accelerated and has now reached the point where it will have accumulated enough enriched uranium to manufacture one or two nuclear bombs within as little as two...

US in Ukraine

What Is the CIA’s Role in Ukraine?

On the SpyTalk podcast, David Maxwell, a former Green Beret trainer talks up a CIA-trained unconventional war-fighting force in Ukraine. Maxwell envisions a U.S.-sponsored resistance force to fight against the possible Russian invasion. He also says the mission of the Green Berets is “to free the oppressed,” which is propaganda, not an argument for intervention....

Russia's FSB

Spy Fall: Russian Diplomat Who Died in Berlin Was the Son of Senior FSB Official

This story originates with Der Spiegel, a leading newsweekly in Germany and has been advanced by Bellingcat, the open source investigative platform. Bellingcat has confirmed, using open source data, that the diplomat was the son of the deputy director of FSB’s Second Service and the head of the FSB’s Directorate for Protection of Constitutional Order,...