CIA / Mossad

CIA and Mossad Differ Over Iranian Threat

The episode sheds fresh light on the close but contradictory ties between the U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies, one of the most complicated relationships in the shadowy world of international espionage. On one hand, Mossad and CIA officers share intelligence and even coordinate some field operations,  reflecting Israel’s status as a close and trusted U.S. ally....

Qasem Soleiman

Iran Calls For Revenge ‘At The Right Time’ Assassination Of Nuclear Scientist

The Rohani administration seems to prefer to continue with Iranian aand hold back until this small window of pressure closes and the pro-diplomacy administration of Joe Biden assumes power, “says Maysam Behravesh, Iranian analyst linked to the think tank Glingendael Institute. With its pragmatic strategy,Iran did not respond head-on to incidents such as the sabotage...

Bibi Tweets

With Apparently Fabricated Documents, Netanyahu Pushed War with Iran 

In 2015, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu claimed an intelligence coup. Mossad agents, he said had broken into a warehouse in Tehran and stolen a vast archive of Iran’s nuclear program. The purloined documents, Netanyahu said, showed that Iran lied about its intentions to obtain nuclear weapons. Israel shared the documents with U.S. officials  arguing...

Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson: Israel is not Netanyahu

On the Campaign Trail: Where She’s Coming From Author and self-help guru Marianne Williamson recently spoke at the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire to elaborate on her vision fAmerica’s role in the world. “We will not deploy soldiers unnecessarily. We will champion peace-building approaches to international conflict and atrocity prevention in hotspots around the...

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