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Blair and Bush

How MI6 Cultivated British Media on Iraq’s Non-Existent WMD

From Declassified U.K. In an article for the New Statesman published four years after the invasion, Rose wrote in detail about how he (and other newspaper journalists) had long been cultivated by MI6. In an article which pays revisiting, he wrote:“To my everlasting regret, I strongly supported the Iraq invasion, in person and in print....

Radio towers

UK Wages Information War in 20 Countries Around Russia

From Declassified UK: The project most clearly directed at Russia is the Counter Disinformation and Media Development programme. It is run around Russia’s western border, from the Baltic States to Central and Eastern Europe, although project documents do not disclose specific countries. It cost £60.4m in the four years to 2021. The programme ”supports [the government’s] Russia...

Social Media graf

Misinformation 2020 Was Made-in-USA; Russia’s Role Was Tiny

  Just how polluted is the news environment during the 2020 presidential election ? A new study, reporting in DefenseOne, a news platform for the military industrial complex, concludes: Very. The study, by Zignal Labs, is careful to distinguish disinformation–deliberate deceptions–from misinformation–erroneous statements. These falsehoods were consumed by audiences across the country, but unevenly, especially...

John Ratcliffe ODNI

Here’s the Truth about the Recent Latest Cyberattacks Targeting the US Election 

  The Stanford Internet Observatory corroborates the reporting on this site about the role of Russian and Iranian intelligence agencies in the U..S. president election. As intelligence analyst Maysam Behravesh wrote on this blog, the reports blaming Iran for a Proud Boy threats against Democrats were hasty and unfounded, while Russian efforts have been abetted...

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