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Mossad’s Role in Sudan’s Military Coup

From the well-informed Jonathan Broder at the reliable SpyTalk newsletter: Not only was an Israeli delegation in Khartoum only days before the generals seized power, according to reports, but Israeli officials, including from Mossad, were back in the capital only days after the civilian government was toppled. Jerusalem likes these generals.  It was they who...

Iran gas

Iran Charges U.S. and Israel Behind a  Cyberattack That Disrupted Gas Stations

“We are still unable to say forensically, but analytically I believe it was carried out by the Zionist Regime, the Americans and their agents,” Gholamreza Jalali, head of civil defence which is in charge of cyber security, told state TV in an interview. President Ebrahim Raisi said this week that the cyberattack, which disrupted the...

Burns Bennett

Directors of CIA and Mossad Meet in Israel

So far we have mostly wire service coverage. The situation: The United States is seeking to restart nuclear negotiations with Iran, while Israel seeks to disrupt those talks. Israeli press offers unsubstantiated rumor while Iran reminds the United States it has escalatory powers with a barrage of Hezbollah rockets and Persian Gulf drone attack. Bill...

Trita Parsi, Quincy Institute

Israel Threatens War to Block Biden’s Iran Diplomacy

It is clear that President Biden wants to rejoin the international nuclear agreement with Iran. President Obama negotiated the pact and Biden regards it as a key part of the Obama legacy. President Trump trashed the agreement with support of Israel. Now Israel is seeking to sustain Trump’s policy. The Israelis, in league with Mohammed bin...

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris on American Leadership

On the Campaign Trail: The foreign policy views of the junior senator from California are unclear in many issues save cybersecurity where the Washington Post says she has “the most substantive record” of any candidate in the race. [Do you like Kamala Harris? Tell us why in the comments section. Or DM us @jeffersonmorley. We...

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