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COUP 53 documentary

COUP 53 Sheds New Light on How CIA and MI6 Brought Tyranny to Iran

The coup that toppled a democratically elected government in Iran in August 1953 and replaced it with a tyrannical monarchy that lasted 25 years was an intelligence operations whose effects are still felt to this day. A new documentary recounts the crime with special attention to the often-overlooked role (at least in the United States)...

Nimitz UAP

Are UFOs Real? Official Secrecy Shrouds U.S. Government Research

This lengthy piece from Popular Mechanics doesn’t argue that UFO’s are real, merely that the U.S. government studied the phenomenon of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)  far more closely–and secretly–than it cares to publicly admit, and several U.S. senators spearheaded funding for the UAP research, both public and private. These revelations comes from an avalanche of...

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