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Kim Jong-Un

Is Kim Jong-un Building a Nuclear-Armed Submarine?

The South Korean intelligence agency thinks so, according to leading news site Dong-A Ilbo,  The “new strategic weapon” mentioned by North Korea leader Kim Jong Un at the end of last year is likely to be a new 3,000-ton submarine equipped with multiple submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs), the South Korean and U.S. intelligence authorities said....

Rafi Eitan,

Blast From the Past: How the U.S. Covered Up Israel’s Nuclear Test

Foreign Policy magazine has brilliantly unpacked a story relevant to the ongoing confrontation between Iran and the United States. It’s a revealing story of how intelligence findings are manipulated for political ends. It’s a tale of why the United States has no credibility on the issue of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East. It’s what...


‘Wonder Weapons’ and That Explosion in Russia

The August 8 explosion in Russia that killed seven people and set up a radioactive plume remains unexplained. The Russian government agencies reporting on radiation levels have gone silent. The explosion took place at a missile testing facility where Russia’s latest weapons are developed. When President Vladimir Putin displayed what have been dubbed his “wonder...


JFK Confronted Israel Over Its Secret Nuclear Program 

Avner Cohen and Bill Burr are two of the best historians on the secret Israeli nuclear program of the 1960s, which made Israel the Middle East’s first nuclear power. It almost didn’t happen. In a brief for the non-profit National Security Archives and an article for Haaretz.com,Cohen and Burr explain that the program was almost...

President Moon

Moon Jae-in Seeks to Forge Peace on the Korean Peninsula

South Korean president Moon Jae-in will visit President Trump in the White House today, the latest step on his long and winding and still unfinished journey toward the goal on which he has bet his presidency: denuclearization and disarmament on the Korean peninsula. As I’ve said before, parochial Americans, obsessed with the North Korean dictator...