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US Troops

Director of National Intelligence Barred From Reporting on Domestic Extremists in U.S. Armed Forces

From Lawfare blog, “Getting to Ground Truth on the Reach of Domestic Violent Extremist Groups Into the Military, Veteran, and Law Enforcement Communities,“ The only House provision that was adopted in the final NDAA was a call to screen social media usage for connections to extremist ties; however, the provision was limited to reporting on...

Volodymyr Zelensky

 Western Intelligence Services Differ on Whether Putin Will Invade Ukraine

In one camp, officials in Washington, London and within Ukraine’s national security establishment are convinced that a Russian strike is imminent. But Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, is not persuaded that the intelligence Western nations have shown him backs up their dire assessments. Somewhere in the middle, U.S. allies including France, Germany and Norway think Russia...


The Spies Who Hated Us:  A Veteran Reporter Dishes on the British Secret State

Richard Norton Taylor is a veteran intelligence reporter for The Guardianwho has spent decades reporting on MI6, the British intelligence service. and he’s got plenty of good stories to show for it.  Here’s one. An MI6 officer had told him, he says, that the reason why some MI6 people were against the invasion of Iraq...

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