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Ukraine War 1

Ukraine’s Public Biological Research Labs Are Not Secret Bioweapons Labs

There are labs in Ukraine, backed by the United States, the European Union, Canada and the World Health Organization. These labs work with a number of pathogens, including the ones that cause anthrax, plague and hemorrhagic fever in humans. They study viruses that affect birds and pigs.That does not make them bioweapon facilities. Source: Russia,...


Washington Post Calls for an Investigation of COVID’s Origins

Last August, the Office of Director of National National Intelligence published an unclassified paper on the origins of COVID-19 saying the U.S. intelligence community broadly agreed the virus was not a biological weapons but was more divided on the question of whether the virus was genetically engineered. Given those rather equivocal findings, the editors of...


U.S. Controls on Experiments With Supercharged Pathogens Have Been Undercut Amid Lab-Leak Concerns

From the reliable Washington Post: A decade ago, scientists funded by the National Institutes of Health used ferrets to engineer a highly lethal flu virus. The purpose of the research — known as “gain of function” — was to better understand how viruses evolve and to help devise medicines to combat the potential disease threats.It...