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James Angleton
CIA spymaster James Angleton favored La Nicoise, a Georgetown eatery.

It is plausible to argue that no single neighbhorhood anywhere on the planet has such a rich history of espionage, spying, and treachery as Georgetown in Washington’s DC. From the War for Independence to the War Between the States to the Cold War and the War on Terror, covert action has been a favorite pastime in this upscale enclave.

The neighborhod newspaper, The Georgetowner, has an entertaining rundown of the heroes and scoundrels (sometimes combined in the same person) who have lived on its cobblestoned streets. They even provide the addresses of the places haunted by the likes Allen Dulles, Alger Hiss, and Aldrich Ames

Spies have been around the District since its founding in 1790. Our assignment today — should you choose to accept it — is focused on the oldest D.C. neighborhood, Georgetown. Let’s name some names that walked along the sidewalks and drove down the streets. The list is likely incomplete (which we neither confirm nor deny).

Source: Spies Like Us: The Spooks of Georgetown – The Georgetowner

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