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The two news sites say leaked passport files of Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov, two Russians charged with poisoning a former intelligence officer in Great Britain, “displayed characteristics atypical of a civilian person’ passport.”

They further alleged that:

the number on the suspects’ stamps indeed is identical to a telephone number that belongs to the Ministry of Defense, and is located at Khoroshevskoe Chausse – where the Headquarters of the GRU is based.

Bellingcat is an open-source investigative site run by volunteers. I found their work on civilian casualties in Yemen to be reliable. Putin says the two men are innocent. 

The two sites first reported on alleged security service connections of Petrov and Boshirov last week. Their new report provides more details and the first alleged connection to the GRU. While they rely on anonymous sources, the two also reproduce the documents that that they say support their case. If authentic, these document are stronger evidence than the RT interview of the suspects, which was admittedly, kind of suspicious.

But are the documents authentic? That remains to be confirmed.

Bellingcat.com Skripal Suspects Confirmed as GRU Operatives: Prior European Operations Disclosed

Here’s the RT interview which raised suspicions of the two men.

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