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Britain Names New MI5 Chief: The Spy Who Investigated 2018 Novichok Attack  

His name is Kenneth McCallum. MI5 is the British domestic security service, the equivalent of America’s FBI. MI5, established in 1909 to counter German espionage ahead of World War One, is tasked with protecting British national security. Its main job is currently countering international terrorism though it is also a counter-intelligence agency. It employs about...

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Third Suspect in Skripal Poisoning Identified by Bellingcat

The crowd-sourced investigative site Bellingcat has identified a third suspect in the poisoning of Sergey Skripal, the reneged Russian intelligence officer. The report is credible because Bellingcat and collaborators in the independent Russian media broke the the story that two GRU officers were involved in the poisoning of Skirpal, an allegation the Russian government no...

Maria Butina

The Six Worst Spies of 2018

It was a banner year for bad spies.  The ideal covert operation, a CIA man once said, remains secret “from conception to eternity.” So too with the ideal spy. The true artists of espionage are those who are never detected or are detected too late to be harmed, humiliated, prosecuted or persecuted. The most famous...

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Russian Spy Chief Dies: Hacked the 2016 Election and Bungled an Assassination Plot

Perhaps it was true, as Russian Defense Ministry said,  that Russian spymaster Igor Korobov  died “after a lengthy and grave illness.” Korobov, 63, had served as chief of Russia’s Main Intelligence Directorate GRU for since 2016. When last seen in public he displayed the fit figure of a career military man. It would be equally accurate...

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