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Why the Covid-19 ‘Lab Leak Theory” Needs Another Look 

Why the Covid-19 ‘Lab Leak Theory” Needs Another Look 

Sometimes the problems facing intelligence agencies–and those who report on them–seem insoluble. For example, what caused U.S. diplomatic official to experience a host of strange symptoms after being posted in Havana? Science does not yet offer definitive answers about the “Havana Syndrome.” Are the symptoms caused by a “directed energy attack,” mounted by a foreign...


Coronavirus Did Not Originate in Wuhan, Scientists Say

Wuhan, China where the coronavirus was first detected. (Credit: South China Morning Post) From the South China Morning Post “Wuhan was where the coronavirus was first detected but it was not where it originated,” Zeng Guang, former chief epidemiologist of the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), told an online academic conference on...


Intelligence Findings on COVID19 Origins: Not Man-Made or Genetically Modified

“I will tell you, more and more, we’re hearing the story [that the new coronavirus emerged from a Wuhan lab,” President Trump said last April. On April 30, Trump said he had a “high degree of confidence” the new coronavirus originated in a laboratory in Wuhan, China. Trump said he was “not allowed” to revealed his sources,...


Another Scientist Who Says COVID19 Was Not Man-Made

Professor Francois Balloux of the Genetics Department of the University College of London tweets that the genome–the genetic makeup–of the COVID19 virus does not look like it was engineered by humans. This is the same conclusion that scientists at Western intelligence agencies have reached. Richard Dearlove, a former director of Britain’s MI6 intelligence service has...

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Trump’s Trade Adviser Repeats Unsubstantiated COVID Theory

First it was former MI6 director Richard Dearlove espousing a theory about the origins of the COVID virus that has no foundation in fact. Now it’s White House trade adviser Peter Navarro. ‘Navarro says on CNN’s “State of the Union” that it remains unclear how the virus started and “until we get some information about...

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