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Interview With the Father of a Palestinian Fighter Assassinated by Israeli Special Forces

Amin’s son was also killed along with Yousef Shreim, 29, walking near Abu Wakel Shawerma when undercover Israeli special forces approached the 28-year-old and shot at him from behind. “[The special forces] were so scared that they opened fire at everyone,” Amin recalled the immediate aftermath of the assassination to Mondoweiss, when the special forces...

Chinese Intel in NYC

Chinese Police Station in New York Is Part of a Vast Influence Operation

This week the Justice Department arrested two Americans for operating a secret Chinese police station in New York City and separately charged 44 Chinese officials with enforcing Chinese laws on U.S. soil. These actions spotlight a tiny piece of the network Beijing uses to exert influence inside the United States. Tackling this complex issue will...


Catch-22 at Guantanamo, or How Due Process Got Undone

In essence the appellate court adopted the government’s contention that the earlier proceedings against al-Hela and the use of classified intelligence to justify his detention did not violate his acknowledged constitutional right to due process. In so doing, the court was parroting the government’s two main arguments that had been used successfully in scores of...


Once Ridiculed, the ‘October Surprise’ Deal Between Reagan and Iran Is Now Confirmed

Barnes, now 85 years old, told reporter Peter Baker that he and former Texas governor John Connally visited one Middle Eastern capital after another in the summer of 1980, “meeting with a host of regional leaders to deliver a blunt message to be passed to Iran: Don’t release the hostages before the election. Mr. Reagan...