US in Ukraine

On the SpyTalk podcast, David Maxwell, a former Green Beret trainer talks up a CIA-trained unconventional war-fighting force in Ukraine. Maxwell envisions a U.S.-sponsored resistance force to fight against the possible Russian invasion. He also says the mission of the Green Berets is “to free the oppressed,” which is propaganda, not an argument for intervention.

The conversation doesn’t engage the recent American experience of war. in Ukraine. Maxwell assumes that U.S. strategic interests are at stake in Ukraine, but he doesn’t say what they are. His call for “resilience” and “persistence” in sponsoring war in Ukraine sounds like a recipe for another endless war, like the one we just extracted ourselves from in Afghanistan, except this one will rage in the heart of Europe.

The interview confirms one thing: the myopia and amnesia of U.S. unconventional warfare planners. 

CIA and Special Forces paramilitary teams have been helping Ukraine prepare for a long drawn out guerrilla war against Russian troops should Vladimir Putin roll the dice and invade. Some in Washington see Russia vulnerable, not just in Ukraine but in other Moscow-dominated trouble spots in Central Asia and elsewhere. Others wonder about the worth of longtime American promises in Ukraine.

Source: There Will Be Blood – SpyTalk