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Biden at CIA

CIA Thought Putin Would Quickly Conquer Ukraine

U.S. intelligence reports at the time predicted that Kyiv would fall quickly, perhaps in a week or two at the most. The predictions spurred the Biden administration to secretly withdraw some key U.S. intelligence assets from Ukraine, including covert former special operations personnel on contract with the CIA, the current and former officials said. Their account...

Volodmyr Zelensky

Behind Zelensky’s Security Shakeup 

From SpyTalk Zelenskyy said that his decisions were based on the sheer volume of treason cases and cooperation with Russia that had been uncovered. He said that “651 criminal proceedings have been registered in Ukraine on charges of treason and collaboration activities of employees of the prosecutor’s office, pre-trial investigation, and other law enforcement agencies....

Bill Burns CIA

CIA Chief Says Ukraine War ‘Unsettles’ China 

Director of the CIA, William Burns, tells Edward Luce, the FT’s chief US commentator, how China’s President Xi Jinping has been ‘unsettled’ by the war in Ukraine.  Burns also warns FT conference delegates that it would be a mistake to underestimate Ukraine’s intelligence capabilities and that Vladimir Putin remains determined to press on with the...

Ukraine Info War

Ukraine Information War:  An Army of Techies Hone Their Skills Battling Russia 

In a valley in the Carpathian mountains of south-west Ukraine, a small group is engaged in battle with Russia—armed not with rockets and missiles, but with software and engineering skills, honed to bolster frontline fighters in the grueling three-month war. Source: Inside the ‘IT unit’: In Ukraine, an army of techies hone their skills in...

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