The former is a ruse, the latter a reality, argues Robert Dreyfuss in The Nation.

“Comey’s bungling of the Clinton investigation is Exhibit A in demonstrating that the FBI (and the CIA and the NSA) didn’t join with the Democrats against Trump. (As Comey himself writes in A Higher Loyalty, “The FBI was not exactly a secret cabal of Clinton lovers.”) And if Michael Hayden were part of a Deep State cabal, it’s fair to argue that among his cabal’s first targets would have been Obama, not Trump.”

“In The Assault on Intelligence, Hayden reiterates a string of opinions that put him directly at odds with Obama and, often, with Clinton too: He argues that Obama’s policies often “seemed more a cover for indecision and retreat”; he’s upset about Obama’s “failure to intervene in Syria”; he disliked Obama’s deadline for pulling troops out of Afghanistan; he chafed because Obama “stopped short of providing Kiev with defensive arms”; and he supported torture (or, as Bush administration officials called it, “enhanced interrogation”). Some Deep State, if some of its alleged top insiders lost all of those battles!