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Syed Asim Munir

Pakistan’s Deep State: New Army Chief Named Amid Political Drama 

  General Munir is the most senior general in the country’s army, and formerly served as the head of the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate, the intelligence wing known as the I.S.I., and the Directorate-General for Military Intelligence. His tenure at the I.S.I. was cut short in 2019 after he clashed with then Prime Minister Imran Khan....

Imran Khan

Pakistan Powerful Spy Service Gets a New Chief–And a Crisis

Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (IS) is a kind of shadow government over the country’s democracy, setting policy in Afghanistan and establishing red lines beyond which elected officials cannot cross. So when Prime Ministers Imran Khan altered the procedure for selecting a successor to ISI chief Faiz Hameed, last month, he set off a political crisis in...


Pakistan’s ISI Has a Message for the Taliban: You Owe Us 

From Jonathan Broder at the reliable SpyTalk. You can’t understand Afghanistan without understanding the role of the Pakistani spy agency known as Inter-Services Intelligence or ISI. Islamabad publicly distanced itself from the Taliban, proclaiming Pakistan a loyal ally in the U.S. war on terror. But the ISI covertly continued its support for the group, giving...

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