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Do you want to know about the Saudi-led war in Yemen? Probably not.

But you probably should because its horrific: a war on the food supply of a poor country in order to starve its people into submission. And it happening with support of  U.S. ground forces.

In a new report for the World Peace Foundation at the Fletcher School of Diplomacy, Professor Martha Mundy says

there is strong evidence that Coalition strategy has aimed to destroy food production and distribution in the areas under the control of Sanʿaʾ. As described above, from the autumn of 2016, economic war has compounded physical destruction to create a mass failure in basic livelihoods.

For example.

 On the RedSea coast no less than 220 fishing boats have been destroyed and the fish catch is down by 50 per cent according to the report. It cites one particular incident on 16 September when 18 fisherman from the district of Al Khawkhah were seized, interrogated and released by a coalition naval vessel which then fired a rocket at “the departing boat carrying the fishermen, killing all but one of them”. The report of this incident has been denied by the coalition.