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Moon Jae-In and Donald Trump

Beyond Trump: How South Korea’s Intelligence Service Will Quietly Push Peace Talks

Tensions between the two Koreas escalated again last month after a South Korean fisheries official, possibly attempting to defect, was shot dead by North Korean army troops after he swam across their disputed maritime border known as the Northern Limit Line. A shocked President Moon Jae-in, who has made engagement with North Korea the centerpiece...

President Moon

Pursuing Peace, Moon Promotes One Spy Chief and Picks Another

South Korean president Moon Jae-in has shuffled his security advisers in a bid to keep alive his campaign to formally end the Korean war and denuclearize the peninsula. While Washington-centric pundits focus on the erratic diplomacy of President Trump and the brinksmanship of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, Moon is the most impressive of the three...


Moon Looking for New Spy Chief to Advance Inter-Korean Diplomacy

From the Seoul daily The Hankyoreh comes the latest from the Blue House, as South Korea’s presidential residence is known. President Moon Jae-in, responding to belligerent moves by North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un, plans to shake up his national security team. “It’s not a matter of ‘whether or not’ to replace the foreign affairs and national...


North Korea’s Intelligence Service Has a New Chief

Here’s news from one of the most secretive countries in world: North Korea has a new spy chief. In its latest directory of the North’s ruling elite on Wednesday, the Unification Ministry said Rim Kwang-il, an army general, was named the new chief of the military intelligence gathering Reconnaissance General Bureau last December, replacing Jang...

Kim Jong-Un

Is Kim Jong-un Building a Nuclear-Armed Submarine?

The South Korean intelligence agency thinks so, according to leading news site Dong-A Ilbo,  The “new strategic weapon” mentioned by North Korea leader Kim Jong Un at the end of last year is likely to be a new 3,000-ton submarine equipped with multiple submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs), the South Korean and U.S. intelligence authorities said....

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