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German Raid

Germany Arrests 25 People Suspected of Plotting to Overthrow ‘Deep State’ Government 

In early-morning raids carried out across the country, some 3,000 police and Special Forces officers detained people believed to be members and supporters of the group, which prosecutors said had been formed in the past year and was operating on the conviction that “Germany is currently ruled by members of a so-called deep state” that...

John Ratcliffe

Trump’s ODNI Shell Game: Keep a Loyalist in Top Intelligence Position

President Trump’s campaign to gain control of the U.S. intelligence community took a new old turn over the weekend. Trump nominated Texas congressman John Ratcliffe to serve as Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Last month, he named Richard Grenell, currently U.S. ambassador to Germany as acting DNI. Neither man has any intelligence experience. Grenell isolated...