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COVID 19 cell

 Australia Intelligence Knocks Down Trump’s Wuhan Lab Virus Claim

Australia’s intelligence agency is saying the same thing U.S. intelligence agencies are saying: it is doubtful that the COVID19 virus came from a Chinese biowarfare lab. Multiple senior intelligence sources who spoke to The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age in recent days have confirmed that Australia has still not been provided with any evidence...

Pine Gap Radomes

Report: Former Intelligence Officer Secretly Held in Australia 

Strange story about Australia’s national security state, which is quite powerful. But I never heard of secret detention of former intelligence officer. It is understood the man was a senior military officer involved in intelligence, but publishing information about his offending has been banned. It is not known when he was convicted. When he started...

Julian Assange

Trump Seeks Prosecution of Julian Assange, Pro-Trump Publisher

In December 2010, real estate mogul Donald Trump said Wikileaks, online publisher of leaked documents, was “disgraceful” and suggested the death penalty might be appropriate for its massive disclosure of U.S. government secrets. In the summer of 2016, when Wikileaks began to release hacked Democratic party emails, candidate Trump said “I love Wikileaks.” On Thursday,...


What Happened to Jamal Khashoggi?

NEWS Saudi Arabia What Happened to Jamal Khashoggi?–The disappearance of Saudi journalist fits with a pattern of crude intimidation and silencing of dissent, says former CIA analyst (Al-Monitor). How will Jamal Khashoggi case affect Turkey-Saudi ties?–Erdogan would turn against against Saudi Arabia if it were proven that Khashoggi was killed inside the consulate, officials say...

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