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Canadian Security Intelligence Agency

Canadian Intelligence: China’s MSS Targeted Relatives of MP

According to a top-secret intelligence assessment from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, China’s intelligence service, the Ministry of State Security (MSS), “has taken specific actions to target Canadian MPs” who are linked to the February, 2021, parliamentary motion condemning Beijing’s oppression of Uyghurs and other Turkic minorities. The motion, which passed, declared China’s conduct to...


UK’s Huawei Decision Splits Western Intelligence Agencies

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to allow some Huawei equipment to be used in the building of the country’s 5G networks is splitting Western Intelligence services. In one camp are Britain’s MI5, the equivalent of the FBI, and the General Communication Headquarters (GCHQ) and Canada’s Communications Security Establishment (CSE), equivalents to the NSA. They believe...

Chrysita Freeland

Canada’s NSA Attacks Consortium News for Accurate Reporting

Last month, Global News,  a Canadian TV network, reported that a leaked 2017  intelligence document stated that the U.S.-based news site, Consortium News, was “part of a cyber-influence campaign directed by Russia.” The document came from the Communications Security Establishment (CSE), Canada’s version of the NSA. In fact, the Consortium News article, written by independent...

Canadian Intelligence

Canadian Intelligence Gets Expanded Powers to Fight Election Interference

Canadian intelligence agencies have detected “overt and covert” attempts to interfere with the country’s October 2019 elections, according to a joint Toronto Star and Buzzfeed News investigation. ” Threat actors are seeking to influence the Canadian public and interfere with Canada’s democratic institutions and processes….For example, over the years (CSIS) has seen multiple instances of...

Ewen Cameron

Scottish Doctor Became the ‘Godfather of Modern Torture’ Working in Secret Wing Funded by CIA

Cameron is one of the godfathers of modern torture, whose work has been utilised in places like Iraq, Guantanamo Bay, Northern Ireland, the Philippines and Chile, to name just a few. In the 1950s, Cameron, who was working in the United States and Canada, was funded by the CIA to develop and research sensory deprivation...