Chen Wenqing/MSS
Chen Wenqing, chief of China's Ministry of State Security
Chen Wenqing, chief of China’s Ministry of State Security (Credit: SpyTalk)

SpyTalk on China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS in Chinese)

Since its founding in 1983, the MSS has had a preeminent role in China’s vast machinery of domestic repression. But Chen appears set to turn its foreign spying arm into an increasingly effective presence in America and elsewhere during the 2020s, says Nicholas Eftimades, one of the most well informed former U.S. government officials on Beijing’s espionage apparatus. With steady improvement in its foreign spying tradecraft over the past four years, Eftimiades says in his latest book, the MSS is now “China’s pre-eminent civilian intelligence service” and “targets political and defense information, foreign policy, overseas dissidents, military capabilities, and foreign intelligence services.”

Source: China’s Top Spy is a Working Class Hero – SpyTalk