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Konstantin Kilimnik
Konstantin Kilimnik, translator (Credit: Twitter)

At “the heart” of the Trump-Russia investigation is Paul Manafort’s translator and associate Konstantin Kilimnik.

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller intimates that Kilimnik has connections to Russia intelligence.

If the Trump campaign and Russian state actors conspired during the 2016 presidential campaign Kilimnik is among the most plausible suspects. If Kilimnik has been falsely implicated, the alleged Trump-Russia conspiracy story will be undermined.

Kilimink denies any connection with Russia’s intelligence services.

“I have never had anything to do with any intelligence service of Russia,” he said by email last week, adding that the accusation has been “intentionally pushed out to make me a ‘missing link’ in a story that is built of flawed foundation,” he says.

Kilimnik’s role in the events of 2016 is an acid test for Mueller’s probe.

Source: Manafort Associate Kilimnik Denies Russian Intelligence Ties – The National Memo – Smart. Sharp. Funny. Fearless.

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