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John Brennan

The ‘Deep State’ Isn’t a Conspiracy. It’s a Political Faction

[This story was first published in The New Republic as “‘The Deep State’ Is a Political Party,” November 8, 2019)] It was, in the eyes of Trump World, the very clubhouse of the Deep State: the plush, blue-carpeted, wood-paneled 13th floor auditorium of the National Press Club, located in the heart of the Washington swamp,...

Deep State news blog

Opposite of the Deep State

OPEN is an arresting new light installation at the Flagg Building  in the heart of Washington DC. It is an open invitation: to think about power, visible and invisible, in the nation’s capital. Created by visual artist Robin Bell, OPEN uses projected light to refract and splinter omnipresent media images into flickering light sculptures that...


MI6 Spy Chief to Stay Through Brexit

It is a measure of how the Brexit had destabilized Great Britain that the government feels it necessary to keep its top spy, MI6 chief Alex Younger, in his position longer than usual, just to deal with the consequences. Younger, 55, is due to retire in November after five years in the role. But officials...

Trump at Bush funeral

Abrupt Withdrawals Leave Trump Besieged by the National Security Establishment

The phrase “the deep state” means different things to different people. The Deep State news blog reports on all of them by covering the world’s secret intelligence agencies. On December 19, The Deep State news blog (deepstateblog.org) achieved its fall 2018 fundraising goal of $9,000. Thanks to 44 donors, we have paid off the cost...