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Edward Snowden Denies Being a Russian Spy (Again)

The former IT administrator turned whistle blower told a German newspaper:  Believe me, the CIA does have its sources inside Russian intelligence. If I was a Russian spy, the U.S. would know. And it would be on the front page of every newspaper


NSA Has Spy Hubs in Eight U.S. Cities, Says The Intercept

“…the data is then routed – in whole or in part – through the eight AT&T buildings, where the NSA taps into it. By monitoring what it calls the “peering circuits” at the eight sites, the spy agency can collect “not only AT&T’s data, they get all the data that’s interchanged between AT&T’s network and...


RIP: Coup Leader and Founder of Korea’s CIA

“Kim Jong-pil was one of the key figures behind the military coup d’état of May 16, 1961. In addition to grievously undermining South Korea’s identity as a democratic republic, he also established and served as inaugural director of the Korean Central Intelligence Agency (KCIA), which and perpetrated political maneuvering and human rights suppressions. It would...


June 20: Reliable News & Inside Views

UNITED STATES Trump: ‘I Was Never a Deep-State Guy’ As reported by the sometimes unreliable right-wing Daily Mail. Brennan: ‘Hard to Believe’ Trump Tries to  Avoid Civilian Drone Deaths: Obama’s CIA Director talks to liberal MSNBC. ASIA South Korea’s National Intelligence Service Hosts Summit on North Korea:  KBS, the Korean public radio network, reports. MIDDLE EAST...


Four CIA employees died in action in 2017

CIA Pays Tribute to its Fallen in Annual Memorial Ceremony https://t.co/JGvNJmWJTZ Four stars were added to the Memorial Wall this year, each one etched for a hero who died in the line of duty for their country.#InMemoriam pic.twitter.com/QohHjFuyN7 — CIA (@CIA) June 17, 2018