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Analyst Sees Iran’s ‘Deep State’ Favoring a Syrian Stronghold

Iran’s intervention in Syria is not particularly popular at home, according to independent Iranian observers. But Iran’s national security policymakers favor it, according to Foreign Policy Iran’s policymakers believe they can reap the benefits of sensible responses to two decades of violent American blundering in the Middle East. Like them or not, their worldview is coherent....


Targeted Assassinations: Trump Tops Obama

It’s not really open to dispute that America’s drone wars are controlled by secretive agencies and secrets laws. Both Donald Rumsfeld, a crusty conservative, and Barack Obama, a liberal internationalist, tried to make the U.S. drone apparatus more publicly accountable. Both failed. Now President Trump, an authoritarian nationalist, is escalating the drone wars without much...


‘Deep fakes:’ the new weapon of deep states

Writing in Foreign Policy, Chris Mesorole and Alina Polyakova note that new technologies are empowering intelligence agencies and other secretive actors to manipulate democratic government. Fueled by advances in artificial intelligence and decentralized computing, the next generation of disinformation promises to be even more sophisticated and difficult to detect.