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Mossad Mobilizes Bitzur in Response to #Pittsburgh

I never knew this about this component of Israeli intelligence service. I suspect we’ll be hearing more about it in the days to come. The Mossad has a special department called Bitzur, which is focused on the security of Jewish communities overseas and works with foreign intelligence agencies to ensure their security. Source: Hoenlein to...


Why the Weaponization of #FalseFlag Conspiracy Theories Works

The spread of “false flag” conspiracy theories exemplifies how the mindset of secret intelligence agencies has spread to American political life. False flag operations–in which a heinous act is falsely blamed on an enemy–are a form of psychological warfare.  And in the United States, the most  sophisticated  and potent psychological warfare operations have been developed...


The Pentagon’s Getting More Secretive — and It’s Hurting National Security – Defense One

The administration has regularly sought to prevent DoD officials from testifying before Congress on major issues—such as the annual defense budget request—when hundreds of billions of dollars are at stake. It aggressively curtailed once-standard interactions between DoD leadership and the press, only to partially reinstate them after a prolonged outcry. Source: The Pentagon’s Getting More...

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