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What’s the threat of violence in the days to come? It’s real.

From SpyTalk

The ISD also cited an article from the right wing American Thinker, which predicted “all hell to break loose” during the election, which could last for several days or even weeks in some states, due to a slow count of mail-in ballots and legal challenges from Republican Party officials. The article asserted, without sound foundation, that left-wing activists are “locked and loaded” and have “pre-selected targets” including “elected officials, judges, politicians and police,” the ISD reported.

Such theories give the pro-Trump groups a rationale to gear up for street battles, the ISD says.“These groups are frequently using disinformation that portrays planned protest activities by progressive activists as violent mobilization to legitimize their own coordination of violence,” the ISD concluded.

Source: Let’s Rumble, Pro-Trump Extremists Say – SpyTalk

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