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Solid VICE News reporting tells another chapter of an undercovered story:  AfriComm, with its continental responsibilities, is blowing up into a war command, with a massive drone base under construction in Niger. Much of the action is classified. Congress has held no hearings on the authorization to use military force.

The U.S. military is dramatically expanding its operations at a former Soviet air strip in Somalia, constructing more than 800 beds at the Baledogle base, VICE News has learned. The construction at the secretive base marks the latest example of America’s growing and controversial shadow war in Africa. Baledogle’s expansion is one part of what appears to be a massive U.S. military infrastructure development project in the Horn of Africa country that will see at least six new U.S. outposts built this year,

Source: Exclusive: Massive military base buildup suggests the U.S. shadow war in Somalia is only getting bigger – f