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Somalia is America’s latest endless war, and it is often forgotten.

There’s the Afghan war, now in its 18th year; the war against ISIS which originated from the invasion of Iraq 16 years ago. There’s the war in Yemen, now in its fourth year, despite the fact that both houses of Congress have voted to end the U.S. role.

The war in Somalia involved 47 drone attacks last year, almost one per week. The attacks killed several hundred people. Yet when Senator Elizabeth Warren asked Gen. Stephen Townsend, the senior U.S. commander in Africa, if the United States was at war with Somalia he said no.

Now Iran’s Fars News agency picks up on a CNN International story:

“We think it’s going to take approximately seven years for the Somalis to absorb all of these forces,” an unnamed defense official familiar with the US counter-terrorism strategy in Somalia told CNN.

So another war, projected to last seven more years: to what end?

Report: US Military Won’t Leave Somalia Before 2026

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