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Taylor Moore Down Range

A Perfectly Timed New Spy Thriller 

From SpyTalk For espionage aficionados, Down Range has plenty of battlefield tradecraft and CIA intrigue. But Moore’s story is bigger: It bridges themes of corporate greed and big oil, drug traffickers, compromised businessmen and officials. The protagonist knows failure and regret, but faced with choices of good and evil, he’s looking for the decency that...

Enrique "Kiki" Camarena

‘Last Narc’: How the CIA Did Business With Drug Traffickers

Former Newsweek correspondent and best-selling author Elaine Shannon tries but doesn’t quite succeed in taking down Amazon’s series “The Last Narc.” In an extended take out for SpyTalk, Shannon quotes an impressive series of former U.S. officials who scoff at the premise of the series. But neither she nor her sources mention the story of...