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eremy Corbyn (Credit: Wikimedia)
Jeremy Corbyn (Credit: Wikimedia)

This report comes from the Daily Mail Online, the hugely popular, and factually challenged, British tabloid. The allegation that Corbyn would betray his country to its enemies is speculative at best, a smear at worst.

But the story does accurately reflect the apprehension that the British intelligence services feel about Corbyn’s possible ascension to power amid the Brexit convulsions.

Fresh fears have been raised about the security implications of putting Mr Corbyn — a lifelong campaigner for unilateral disarmament who has slated NATO and resisted condemning Russia over the Salisbury nerve agent attack — in charge.  Former Labour frontbencher John Woodcock told MailOnline that the veteran left-winger could do more damage to the UK in a ‘few short weeks’ than the Cambridge spy ring in the 1950s and 1960s.

Source: Jeremy Corbyn ‘could do more damage to UK security as PM than MI6 traitor Kim Philby’ | Daily Mail Online

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